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-Basic 30 minute dog walk
-Deluxe 1 hour dog walk
-Single/Multiple Daily Dog Walks
-Flexible Cat Sitting 

-Trustworthy In-Your-Home

  Dog Sitting

-Weekend and  Holiday      arrangements available








133 Clarendon Street

P.O. Box 171589

Boston, MA 02117


Tel:  (617) 460-9166

Fax: (617) 383-5120

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We have collected answers to quesitons that we have received from new clients, potential clients, and friends who have spent time with our site.  Our goal is to give you information, which we believe, will be helpful in your consideration of selecting Swinging Tails.  We thank you for your interest.

Q.  Why did you start Swinging Tails?

A.   After retirment from my marketing consulting business, I wanted to combine my love of pets with the challenge and satisfaction of building businesses.  I was fully aware that there were many quality dog walking (some with cat sitting services) companies in the greater Boston area, but I strongly believed that my approach and vision for such services would enable Swinging Tails to grow and become a successful market entity. I have sincerely enjoyed building this businesses and excited by the responses from my pet owner clients.



Q.  Why do you offer 2 separate dog walking duration alternatives?

A.   As a pet lover, familiar with many breeds of dogs over the years, I have recognized that all pets have different personalities and characteristics and needs.  Most pups do very well with 30 minute walks once per day.  They tend to be self sufficient in the home and just need a break to go out during the day.  I have found there are other pups who really need more exercise, particular outdoor exercise in the woods, or parks, and that the 1 hour choice seems to work even better for them. While I may recommend one based on my experience, the client make the decision they are most comfortable with -- both are offered for our client pet owner flexibility.

Q.  Do you offer group walks?

A.   Swinging Tails has chosen to offer personalized, individualized one-on-one walks with our client pets.  We believe that this gives the pups the individual attention that many need.  We will take multiple pups from the same family, but that is the only case where we offer group walks.


Q.  Would you board my dog if I go away for a week or vaction or an extended business trip?

A.   We do not offer long-term boarding services.  However, should you need to leave you pet and prefer having your pup or pups stay in the comfort of your home, then you may want to take advantage of our In-Your-Home Dog Sitting Services. There is also a trend in some cases of bringing your pet with you, as many hotels are now pet friendly.  See the site for more information.


Q.  Tell me more about the In-Your-Home Dog Sitting Services

A.   We offer a standard package which includes an overnnight stay with your pet or pets, feeding and water refills in the morning and evening, up to 3 walks per day, and retrieving your mail and packages.  In effect, we help your pet(s) have company while you are away, and make sure that your pet is doing well during your absence.


Q.  I have a short overnight or weekend trip but cannot take my pup, and the pup does not need your overnight stay services.   I need a pet sitter who can check in onmy pup several times per day, and make sure he has food, water, and is walked twice a day.  Can you help me?

A.   We can offer you a sitting package which would include multiple visits to check on your dog, a minimuum of two times per day.  In the AM we would check in on your dog and make sure that he is doing well, has food, water, and is fine until the early evening when we would check back in and offer a similar support for food, and walking.  Ask us about these customized packages for pet sitting for Dogs.


Q. Why do you require a Get Acquainted session?

A.   The Get Acquainted session is very important to Swinging Tails and to our prospective client pet owners.  It enables you to get to know us and for us to get to know you and your pet.  We  have a series of questions to enable us to learn more about your pet and your instructions in taking care of your pet, It also enables us to have the necessary access to your home.


Q. What do you need in order to enter my home to pick up my dog for walking?

A.   We obviously need to get access to your home which may mean access to the building door, and then your own apartment.  Perhaps you have an alarm system, so we will need the alarm codes.  In all cases, you can rest easy as we are licensed, insured and bonded.  


Q. What does your Personalized attention during the walk mean?

A.   This is more than a marketing term -- it is our philosophy.  We spend quality time with your dog during our walk.  We take you pup to his/her favorite places, whether in the woods, in the open town parks, in the off-leash enclosed parks, or on the city streets.  We can assure our client owners that their pets get the exercise they need.

Q. What other actions do you take when you return from walking my pup?

A.  We spend some special time to make sure that you pet is comfortable back in the home after the walk.  We check the water dish, and if necessary, refill it.  If you have left instructions for feeding, we will check if the food dish needs to be refilled. We will leave the light on and check for any mail before we leave per your instgurctions. We also leave you an updagte on how your pet did in whatever way you had indicated (i.e. written note, text, email).


Q. How flexible is your walking schedule?
A.  We offer a full schedule from early morning to evening walks.  We also offer our clients the flexibility of weekend walks, and where requested, we will do our best to help you if you are away and need walking over a specific holiday.  There is an additional charge of $5 per service for all weekend and holiday services.


Q. Do you have suggestions for preparing my dog for winter walks?

A.  The winter brings the cold, ice and the salting of the walks and streets so you should be prepared.  Your pup will obviously need a warm coat and a rain coat for rain and sleet.  There is also a major concern about frostbite and paws that get burned when the pup walks on the salt, so walks are typically no more than 1/2 hour, and we try to take the pup on the grass and snowy areas, rather than the sidewalks.  It is also important to make sure that the pup does not lick the salt off their paws. When we enter your home after the walk, please have a towel for us to wipe down the pup's paws.  If you have a paw wax such as PawPaw or Mushers, that can be placed on the paws at the end of the walk. 


Q. What happens when it is a rainy day and my pet really hates or fears the rain or thundeerstorm?

A.  We will of course take your pup out for the walk.  We will make sure that the raincoat is on (given it has been left by you).  We may choose on a very heavy rainy day, and when we know your pet is all set for the day, to bring your pet inside your home and play with or teach a trick to him or her for the remaining time available.


Q. What happens when there is inclement weather?  
A.  We are in the business of serving you and your pet  We know that you are very dependent on our being there for your pup.  We take that commitment very seriously.  In bad weather, most clients will cancel since they will be home from work and would not need our services.  You should notify us under such conditions.  Otherwide, we will do our very best to get to your home to take care of your dog on that given day of service.
Do you have a question for us about Swinging Tails in general, or a specific dog walking or In-Your-Home Dog Sitting question?  Please click here.
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