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-Basic 30 minute dog walk
-Deluxe 1 hour dog walk
-Single/Multiple Daily Dog Walks
-Flexible Cat Sitting 

-Trustworthy In-Your-Home

  Dog Sitting

-Weekend and  Holiday      arrangements available








133 Clarendon Street

P.O. Box 171589

Boston, MA 02117


Tel:  (617) 460-9166

Fax: (617) 383-5120

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Q.  Why did you also include cat sitting in the Swinging Tails services?

A.   I recognized that there is a very important service which cat lovers need when they go on vacation, or on a business trip.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to board your cat, but frankly, most cats love and are most comfortable with their cats staying in their own home surroundings.  Cats are much more independent and self-sufficient than dogs.  So you can go on a trip, and leave you cat or cats at home.  Still your pet(s) need support for food, water, screening litter, offering company and just checking on things in your home.  That is why Swinging Tails Cat Sitting services was created and offered to our clients.


Q. Is there a Get Acquainted session for my cat(s)?

A.  Yes, it is still very important.  In this case, since cat sitting includes spending time in your home there are  some important questions that need to be answered at this session.  Meeting your pet(s) is also very important. Cats have very different personalities.  Some are shy, some very outgoing and friendly, and it is important for us to know more about your cat(s).  Just as important, it is necessary to know where things are in the home.  This includes the food, litter box, litter, and imformation on your cat's hiding places, and so forth.


Q.  What else do you do during the cat sitting session?

A.   We play with your cat(s) (given one or both want to play), we check your home, your mail, packages, and make sure that your cat(s) has not gotten into trouble since the last time you were home, or the last time that we visitied your cat(s).  We let you know immediately if there are any issues related to your cat(s) or your home. We also send you a quick update (and picture if available) on how your cat(s) are doing.  So you can relax on your vacation or business trip, and know that Swinging Tails cat sitting services are working for you and your cat(s).


Q. I have two cats.  Do you charge me extra for having a second cat?

A.  Not at all.  There is one price for our service to visit your cat, even if you have more than one living in your home.

Q. What do you need in order to enter my home to visit my cat?

A.   We obviously need to get access to your home which may mean access to the building door, and then your own apartment.  Perhaps you have an alarm system, so we will need your alarm codes.  In all cases, you can rest easy as we are licensed, insured and bonded.


Q. My cat is on medication?  Can you make sure that my cat gets the medicine it needs to take?

A. We do our best to make sure that your cat has its medication.  We will need to know exactly how the medicine is to be administered (technique, dosage).  We will confirm as part of our report to you that the medicne has been administered.  There is an additional charge of $5 per day for this optional service. 


Q. Can you tell me how long a typical Cat Sitting session takes?

A. Sessions vary and can be 30 minutes or more, depending on how many cats in the home, wherther medication is required, cats interest in playtime, snuggling and so forth.   


Q. How flexible is your cat sitting schedule?
A.  We offer a full schedule from early morning to evening visits. We also offer our clients the flexibility of weekend visits, and holiday coverage.  There is an additional charge of $5 per service for all weekend and holiday services.


Q. What happens with your services when there is inclement weather?  
A.  We are in the business of serving you and your pet  We know that you are very dependent on our being there for your cat.  We take that commitment very seriously, and will be there for your cat(s) as soon as conditons allow.  We will of course, contact you via email, text or the method that you have selected for such purpose.  .
Do you have a question for us about Swinging Tails in general, or a specific cat sitting question?  We welcome your quesitons.  Please click here.
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